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Financial and development institutions

JH&Co Ltd has a long track record of advice to development banks on institutional architecture and administrative arrangements, including governance and high level monitoring. It also has a strong history in analysis of banks and other entities, including capital assessment, forecasting and valuation.

We undertake specific studies (e.g. the analysis of strategic goals and means of achieving them) as well as programs (e.g. the assessment of capital requirements, credit and balance sheet risk, cost coverage and sustainability). We have considerable experience of stakeholder and investor relations for banks issuing in the capital markets. 

Building on our knowledge of development banking, and on the micro and macro-economic experience in JH&Co, we produced a code of conduct for the Heads of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) in early 2012. It aims to help harmonise the way in which MDBs and bilateral International Financial Institutions (IFIs) engage with the private sector globally. We continue to work closely with MDBs.

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