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Financial Crime

This is one of our original practice lines. We work in-house and with leading academics and law enforcement professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and countries. We advise and assist policy makers and competent authorities on the design and implementation of national financial and economic crime (including AML/CFT, sanctions and anti-corruption) frameworks, including risk assessment, legislation, regulation and institutional arrangements.


Such assignments have included evaluation and gap analyses against international standards, as well as the subsequent drawing together of cross-sector action plans and implementing activity. We have the capacity and capability to lead multi-year projects coordinating national strategies, operating at levels ranging from the high (political and policy) level to operational unit building, training and evaluation.

We also study compliance cultures and the factors of vulnerability and resilience to threats. The approach we use has been adopted in arrangements for critical national infrastructure (including information infrastructure) protection.

Clearing up after the Crash

The global financial stability crisis of 2008-09 was both the cause and effect of a series of bank failures and near failures worldwide. We have assisted a number of clients – banks, creditors and governments - with the difficult task of navigating these highly complex and potentially highly costly waters.

One such case involves allegedly the second largest fraud ever; the disappearance of US$10bn+ from JSC BTA Bank Kazakhstan. Under our guidance and coordination, BTA assembled a team of top litigators, forensic accountants and other experts to recover assets for itself and creditors in excess of $5bn in an operation unparalleled in its intensity and complexity.

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